Energy Slim Twin Start – Save $39.95

Energy Slim Twin Start Pack contains 2 x Energy Slim Plus Weight Loss Liquid Formula PLUS 2 x 350g Weight Control Shakes (with 24 delicious serves) in your choice of flavours. Save a massive $39.95 saving & equates to 1 x 350g Weight Control Shake completely FREE

Professional Strength Energy Slim Plus Weight Loss Liquid Formula 285mL is undoubtedly the strongest liquid formula in the market today. Each bottle contains 57 x 5mL serves.

Conveniently dispensed in a self measuring bottle, drink 2.5-10mL once or twice daily - usually morning (with a light breakfast) and afternoon. Drink before a workout to boost your calorie burning.

You may also choose to start your day with a low fat, low sugar, low calorie Weight Control Shake. Each Shake contains 147 calories.

The fact is you can enjoy your Energy Slim Shake ANY TIME. Simply replace 1-2 meals daily to reduce hunger and calorie intake.  (comes with a measured scoop for your convenience).

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