Energy Slim Plus Triple Saver Pack – Save $79.95


Buy 3 x Energy Slim Plus Weight Loss Liquid Formula & receive FREE 1 x 840g Weight Control Shake (28 delicious serves)  - Save a massive $79.95



Upon rising drink 5-10 mL Energy Slim Plus Weight Loss Liquid Formula. Each 285mL bottle contains 57 x 5mL serves and it comes in a convenient self-measuring bottle. Take 1-2 times daily, usually morning and afternoon, or before you exercise.

You may also choose to start your day with a low fat, low sugar Weight Control Shake giving you a super head-start to your healthy weight loss program. See results you never thought possible! (all shakes come with a measured scoop for your convenience).

Replace any meal 1-2 times daily with a super healthy shake and watch those kilos melt away as your body become leaner and more toned. Energy Slim Shakes are great for any time of the day and they easily fit into any busy lifestyle! Energy Slim products are 100% Australia Made.









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