Energy Slim Plus Double Pack – Save $11.90



Purchase 2 x Energy Slim Plus Weight Loss Liquid Formula and receive 2 x FREE single serve Weight Control Shakes (in your favorite flavours) - Save $11.90

Energy Slim Plus is possibly the most powerful natural formula on the market today & a is absorbed 8-10 times faster than tablets. From the very first dose, experience an immediate increase in physical energy as well as an increase in mental alertness.



This Advanced Weight Loss & Energy Boosting Optimiser helps to • Suppress Appetite * Control Binge Eating and Carbohydrate / Sweet Cravings & • Burn Calories Faster

Upon rising drink 5-10 mL Energy Slim Plus Weight Loss Liquid Formula. Each 285mL bottle contains 57 x 5mL serves. The new bottle is self measuring for your convenience.  Take 1-2 times daily

You can also kick start your morning with a low fat, low sugar Weight Control Shake for breakfast. In fact you can replace ANY meal or snack 1-2 times daily to super charge your weight loss & see results you never thought possible!

All our Shakes come with a convenience measuring scoop and are only 147 calories per serve.

Best of all Energy Slim products are 100% Australia Made.




















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