Energy Slim Weight Control Shake (350g)

Energy Slim Weight Control Shake 350g contains approx 12 shakes (that's $3.30 / shake) & comes with a convenient measuring scoop.

Easy to Make:  Place 1 scoop of your favorite flavour into a shaker or blender then add approx 100mL milk & 100mL water (or 200mL of either). Shake / blend for 30 seconds or until smooth. Replace any meal 1-2 times per day.

Try some of our delicious shake variations or snacks (including Fudge Delight) listed in our Meal Plans.

For super weight loss results combine with 5mL of Energy Slim Plus Liquid Formula.

We NEVER use cheap ingredients, so you don't EVER have to EAT them unknowingly. All Energy Slim products are 100% Australian Made.

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