100% Australian Owned – Heart and Soul

World Class Physique (WCP) is not another faceless corporation. We help many people lead a healthy lives by offering weight loss and pre diabetes dietary support with 100% Australian made and manufactured products.

Working with leading Sports Nutritional Strategist – Jane Peterson, a former Miss Universe / Miss World who has won 10 Championships here in Australia and USA and has 15 years experience in weight loss and body shaping. She is recognised throughout the world, along with partner Scott Pavlovic, also a World Champion and renowned Personal Trainer. His extensive knowledge and attention to detail is fundamental to product development.

Personal experience and scientific development is what gives Energy Slim it’s real edge in effective revolutionary weight loss.

Weight loss has come a long way from the simple diet pill, and awareness in quality personal nutrition is developing every year.

With obesity and diabetes major health issue in Australia and world wide, WCP is offering healthy and realistic support to assist you in overcoming these health issues. Our team of professional support staff are dedicated and skilled in their fields and ready to help you achieve your health weight loss goals.

At WCP we offer:

  • Personal and Confidential Service
  • A Dedicated Team of Staff to Assist You
  • 100% Australian Weight Loss Products
  • Healthy Meal Suggestions and Plans

WCP has helped many people just like you to slim down, tone up, and maintain a healthy lean body as well as having more energy and self confidence.

Health and vitality is what we all desire. Weight loss, in my opinion, is 70% diet and 30% exercise related. My extensive experience has shown time and time again that if you get nutrition right, the rest (your body) can take care of itself.  All the exercise you can do just won’t pay off’ if you don’t get your nutrition right.

Jane Peterson

Winner, Miss World
Winner, Miss Universe

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